We can provide extra services to further improve your website.

Monthly Site Review
This service includes checking that links aren’t broken and are going to the right places; checking that styles are consistent and that nothing on your website looks ‘out of place’; and spell checking.

Search Engine Optimisation
Search engine optimisation will allow your site to be ranked higher on search engines when keywords relating to your website are used in a search. We offer monthly plans that spend time looking over your site each month. We will optimise content and layout for search engines. We will also send monthly reports that show you how you are tracking with your chosen keywords.

Security and Maintenance Plan
Security is important on the web, as your site could become compromised if running old and vulnerable software. Keeping your website up to date also allows you to take advantage of new features in the Content Management System and plug-ins. With our security and maintenance plan, we regularly look at any required security/maintenance updates to your website’s Content Management System or plug-ins that are needed. If an update is required we will test this in a test environment to make sure your site is compatible with the update before we apply it to your live website.